Savage Worlds: Mythos (Greek Gods and Heros) Game

These are the adventures of four demigods in Ancient Greece

The year is 168 AF (After the Flood). The Magnesia region faces a period of black famine.
Animals die, the earth is barren, and rivers dry up. In Iolcus, the capital of Magnesia, reigns Pelias, son of Poseidon, who has unlawfully usurped the throne from his half-brother Aeson, who was born from the legitimate lineage of Aeolus, a descendant of Hellen.

The gods didn’t like the usurpation and foretold through an oracle to Pelias that sooner or
later a legitimate descendant of the house of Aeolus would put an end to his tyranny. For
this reason, Pelias held captive his half-brother Aeson and his wife and tried in every way
to exterminate the remaining descendants of Aeolus.

But the wrath of the gods has not subsided; it has increased. Since the gods’ wrath
started, the usurper Pelias is haunted every night by the ghost of the deceased cousin
Phrixus, who also descended from Aeolus and was forced to flee from his homeland to
distant Colchis where he didn’t receive a proper burial. Prixus’ ghost haunts Pelias asking
him to be repatriated along with the powerful Golden Fleece in order to be finally buried
in his native soil.

After many years of injustice, a hero arose from the crowd, willing to put an end to
Pelias’ tyranny. His name was Jason, the legitimate son of Aeson who miraculously
escaped the massacre ordered by Pelias years ago. The young hero faced Pelias and askedhim to free his father from the palace’s dungeon and restore him to his legitimate throne,thus ending the gods’ wrath toward Magnesia. Pelias, afraid to face the mighty Jason ina duel, replied that Magnesia’s sufferings would end only when the legendary GoldenFleece was brought back from distant Colchis to Magnesia. Only then would Phrixus’ spiritfind peace and Magnesia’s sufferings cease.

Pelias swore in front of Zeus’s altar to resign the throne to Jason if he would bring the legendary Golden Fleece back from Colchis.

The self-confident Jason accepted the mighty task and sent word in every corner of
Hellas that he was hiring valiant heroes willing to join his crew on the Argo ship to
accomplish the most daring enterprise ever tried.

Will the PCs answer Jason’s call to conquer the Golden Fleece and reclaim the throne of
Iolcus, bringing the Magnesia to its former glory?





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