Looking for a cool Star Wars Dice Bag?

i had to share this one.  There’s a lot of Star Wars fans out there, and the miniature and RPGs are very popular.  My friend is making a few of these now and some are up in her shop now!

Pretty sweet if you ask me.  Which reminds me, i really should sit and watch them all again.  i was a late bloomer with Star Wars, didn’t get into it until recently really.

Anyway, check out here shop on Etsy.  TimidMouseDesigns!  Click here and grab yourself  a bag.  She makes them to order too and customizes everything.  For 10 bucks, you can’t beat it.

Ravenloft in 4th Edition Notes Part 1: The Adventure that became Ravenloft

It has been expressed that some of you would like to see my Ravenloft 4th edition D&D notes.  Well, why not?  So, I will release them in a series of sets and you can get ideas from it as you go.

Some back story:  This first part was made up without actually consulting the actual book:  Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.  i had flipped through it in passing and saw the part about the zombie invasion.  So, what i did here was take that scenario and create a whole new village and create everything by scratch.

More interesting than that, i actually wrote this for a Halloween Meetup with a ton of gamers i haven’t even met yet from meetup.com.  Looking back, i sure took the time on this one.  We actually didn’t get far since I had like 9-11 players around the table that night.

One of the guys at the table asked me (after everyone eventually went home and such) if the story kept going after that and what happened next.  I told him that i planned out an entire game in my head based on this and he wanted to try it again.  So, he and his girlfriend and my girl started the actual Ravenloft game that continued off of this.  A year later, we are still playing every week!

This is a real special adventure so i hope you enjoy it as much as we have as a group.

Do note:  I didn’t plan on having others read them.  And there may be parts missing here and there.  I ended up making a lot up on the spot from time to time.  Excuse the typos and all that.  It was essentially scratch paper.

Feel free to ask me any questions and i will answer them no problem.


Download the file here:   Ravenloft adventure part 1

i beat Contra!

There’s a first time for everything. Well, unless you think Emma Watson’s gonna be your girlfriend and you’re me. However, for the first time in my life, i finally beat Contra on the NES!

i just woke up, hopped on the NES, thought… eh, Contra sounds like fun. i feel like getting my ass kicked this morning. Popped it in, and went to town. My blood boiled, every pore vibrated with excitment as levels i never even seen before came and went, and then.. the final boss!

i was down to 2 lives. Then … down to 1. Then… i got hit again. Zero lives left… this is it! My heart pumped, i’ll never get this far again, if i die on more time, that’s it! Regular gun firing and then BOOOOM!

i beat contra before breakfast.

Burger King to celebrate, baby!

Celebrating 1 Year in Ravenloft

i made this video for my D&D group and since i can’t wait to show them, ill share it with all of you first!

i made this since we all met and started playing Ravenloft in our Dungeons and Dragons game last Halloween 2012.  its about to be one year on the nose and they are right before the grand finale.




NIN 2013

what do gamers like to listen to?

well, personally, im one for the darker stuff. i’ve only been a nerd for about 5 minutes (as my group likes to point out occasionally) but my roots are deeply set in bands like smashing pumpkins, L7, dead kennedys, the cure, and nine inch nails.

i’ve seen the pumpkins a couple of times in ’08, great show, and i had recently decided that i need to catch the cure and NIN before they stop playing. i managed to step up and get the tickets for NIN coming up at the end of the year. its gonna be awhile, but my girl and i are really excited.

trent released one single that you can hear right here:

NSFW: Steampunk Porn with Zoey Nixon

i did warn you, so don’t look at me that way. as i mentioned before, i do happen to spend a good amount of my time working in the adult industry. it’s fun work, the people are great, and did i mention its a lot of fun?

so, today, at work, i processed a very cool photo gallery which feature hot redhead pornstar, zoey nixon, all dolled up taking it in a hot steampunk set up.

i censored it but you can see the uncensored set here! warning, its graphic, uncensored, and super hot! 18 and over only, please!

Easter Game – in a hurry!

its easter, yay! i’m putting together a basket for my girl including a brand new dice bag, shhh don’t tell her!

my sister is also gonna come over for dinner and a game of dungeons and dragons. its been a long time since she gamed with us ever since our punjar game broke up.

i tried to get the punjar group back together by inviting jason, our groups crusty dwarf, but, he had other plans for easter. mainly watching TV. pfft. but, his loss.

anyway, i had to come up with a quick and easy game for Easter for my sister and girl to play and i to DM.

i didn’t have the time to inspiration to really come up with a true “Easter themed” game. eggs, bunnies, that sorta thing, so, i looked around for quick and simple adventure ideas.

thats when i found a lovely little site with FREE rpg content including free PDFs of modules and adventures.

this particular adventure i found over at dragonsfoot.org (funny name, cool free site!)

i’m running a game thats about 6 pages of PDF called “Dungeon Crawl.” apparently, its a Savage Worlds adventure. having never played Savage Worlds, i didn’t care and it didn’t matter, i just needed a story to work with.

its a quick, fun looking easy game that i will be running for my 4th edition D&D game.

it really doesn’t matter what system the story comes from, as long as its got story.  then you just add your monsters, players, and draw up the map.

hopefully, the players like it.  after all, its got….. zombies.  at least, now it does!